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Clean technologies sustainably networked

Increasingly scarce resources require products and processes which are characterised by energy and material efficiency as well as the protection of the environment. There is a high level of competence in this field in the new eastern federal states of Germany. The Cleantech Initiative Ostdeutschland (CIO) combines this know-how in a mutually supportive network. In doing so, the CIO networks business and science to establish East Germany as important Cleantech location and to strengthen the innovative medium-sized companies located here.

Cleantech is not only environmental protection, but also a cross-sector growth market which includes different and highly versatile technologies, products, processes and services. From the wastewater treatment up to the plastics recycling, from the plant engineering up to the supply industry - due to resources becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, each sector needs products and procedures, which are characterised by energy efficiency, conservation of resources and environmental compatibility. The term Cleantech combines these "clean" technologies. For this, six lead markets are defined which, again, include different fields and split up into technologies. 

Worldwide economic growth and, simultaneously, increasingly scarce natural resources and limited energy sources force us to develop and offer new and advanced solutions in the Cleantech field. Here, the East German Cleantech industry has comprehensive experience, but is has to be measured against the competing companies in the national and international aspect and increase its competitiveness. 

The CLEANTECH Initiative Ostdeutschland (CIO) aims at utilising the existing potentials and establishing them by interactions, co-operations and information exchange as well as concentrating the Cleantech stakeholders - across sectors and federal states - in a sustainably operating network.

The CIO wants to unite companies and research institutions (in particular), but also regional networks under one umbrella. It is aimed at establishing East Germany as important Cleantech location and presenting it to the outside. This is particularly helpful for the medium-sized companies to position themselves successfully and to grow. The CIO sees its areas of activity in the sustainable networking of all stakeholders, the exchange of knowledge and the development of target customer projects. Thus, the innovative capacity, the internationalisation and the financial capacity are increased as well as the competitive position is strengthened. 

The CIO is an initiative of the commissioners of the Federal Government for the new eastern federal states of Germany.
The RKW Sachsen GmbH Dienstleistung und Beratung is entrusted with the management. 

The most important information about the initiative can also be found in our flyer