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The term Cleantech unites innovative technologies and products which support an environmentally compatible, energy-efficient and resource-conserving economic management. 

For us, Cleantech includes six key sectors:

  • Environmentally friendly energies and energy storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Raw material and material efficiency
  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable water management
  • Sustainable mobility

With the increased development of the innovative, dynamically growing and future-oriented Cleantech sectors, it is aimed at contributing to the economic development in East Germany.Today, the new federal states of Germany are a technology region, which can compete with the competitive national economies on
a worldwide basis. As a future field with high potential
for development, Cleantech nowadays plays a key role
in the East German economy. We have to enlarge the existing potential, the strengths and experience and, in doing so, take existing weaknesses into account in order to increase the economic growth. 

The CIO drives innovations, supports the companies in the internationalisation process and in opening up new markets. It also helps in attracting subsidies and investment funds, so that successful development strategies can be implemented. 

By means of networking, exchange of experience, know-how transfer and co-operation in the entire value chain, the CIO wants to contribute to the economic development of the companies.