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The companies from the new federal states of Germany are among the leaders in the development and production of energy-efficient products, the realisation of energy efficiency projects throughout the world as well as regarding the international know-how transfer. 

Selected examples include:

Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU 
- uinvestigates togetherwith partners from mechanical engineering and plant engineering as well as the automotive industry - the energy-saving potentials by the optimisation in the entire process chain, when manufacturing and operating high-quality consumer and investment goods. (more..)

Schuler Pressen GmbH, Erfurt factory – As a result of energy efficiency measures, the energy consumption was reduced by 3.5 million kW each year. These measures include among other things: Modernisation of the existing lighting system, halving of the connected load with the same illumination level, automatic dimming according to outside light portion, integration of a timer programme for shift times, integration of a heat recovery at the bogie annealing furnace, conversion of the supply air system of the paint finishing system by new air outlets, optimisation of the electronic connection of the hall heating with the smoke and heat venting system as well as the thermal insulation of the heating pipe in the energy channels and the thermal insulation of the north gable end. (more..)

Designer plus energy house with high-tech interior in Berlin  – The energy efficient house has a modern solar power system, which supplies approx. 16,000 kW of electricity a year, in connection with an electricity storage (46 kW) and the central home control. The small power station supplies electricity to the whole house, heats the water and charges electric cars. Two electric cars and electric bikes park in front of the door of the house. (more..)

Urban redevelopment - Due to the population loss after the political turn in Germany (Wende), which was typical of many cities in the new federals states of Germany, urban redevelopment concepts were developed and implemented in many cities. The strategy of the urban redevelopment concept usually plans to stabilise inner urban areas by upgrading the housing stock, e.g. by energy-efficient redevelopment measures, enhancing the attractiveness of public areas and the public institutions, and to convert the outer urban area to relaxed, well-landscaped urban residential areas. Here, many measures concerned - in particular - the buildings and the municipal infrastructure.

Energy-efficient renovation of all future-oriented day care facilities and schools until 2020 in Saxony-Anhalt  - The focus of the project idea is on the nine model projects, which want to provide the energetic and architectural proof as passive or plus energy house and will perform corresponding monitoring. In the funding period until 2013 (2015), more than 98 day care facilities and schools (in total) were renovated or modernised both energetically and structurally in Saxony-Anhalt with the aid of the European structural funds EFRE and ELER, using funds from the state of Saxony-Anhalt (the once-only innovation and investment programme STARK III of the state of Saxony-Anhalt) and using own funds of the project developers. (more..)

The applications and nominations within the framework of the Thuringian Energy
Efficiency Award (Thüringer Energie Effizienzpreis)7 show that many companies contribute with innovative spirit to the increase of the energy efficiency in their own companies or by developing energy-efficient technologies and products.

7Thüringer EnergieEffizienz Preis 2013