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In the new federal states of Germany, there is a lot of experience and competence in the field of the environ-
mentally friendly energies. For this reason, this techno-
logical future field can be decisive for the economic development in East Germany. Here, the sector is parti-
cularly pronounced along the entire value chain. From suppliers from machine and plant engineering for wind power plants and photovoltaic systems, electricity sto-
rage technologies up to the intensive research and de-
velopment.  The photovoltaic sector and the wind sector, but also the use of biomass for energy generation, have become important industrial sec-
tors among the East German Cleantech segments. However, high priority is also assigned to the trends in the field of energy storage since this segment will extremely gain importance in the near future due to the lack of efficient grid infrastructures. 

The previous innovations of the Central German photovoltaic industry include the development of new crystallisation technologies, cell production concepts, new storage technologies as well as the development of new production facilities or the development and production of organically flexible solar films which will be used throughout the world5.


Selected examples:

  • SOLARWATT GmbH in Dresden is one of the pioneers of the solar sector in Germany. The company produces solar modules and energy storage systems and offers intelligent energy solutions for the private and the commercial sector. (more..)
  • Die Schweriner WEMAG AG As a nation-wide operating supplier of green electricity and gas, the WEMAG AG in Schwerinput Europe’s largest commercial battery power plant into operation in 2014. The 5 megawatts lithium-ion storage was designed by the grid and storage specialist Younicos from Berlin. With it, short-term fluctuations of the grid frequency are stabilised for the first time in Europe. Thus, electricity from wind and sun can be securely integrated into the grid. (more..)
  • SKET Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Magdeburg is one of the leading industrial service providers in Germany. As a system partner, the company offers high-precision machining of large parts, complex assembly services and much more and works in the field of general mechanical and wind energy plant engineering. In 1998, the SKET GmbH was privatised by the investor ENERCON - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind power plants. (more..)
  • Li-Tec Battery GmbH in Kamenzdevelops, produces and distributes large-size lithium-ion battery cells for automobiles and energy storage system for industrial and stationary applications. (more..)
  • Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland e.V. Well-known companies from Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt are integrated in the “SollarValley Central Germany e. V.” as “leading-edge cluster” and contribute to the improvement of the efficiency, quality and reliability of the solar modules by a number of joint research and development projects. (more..)



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