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Selected training and research institutions:

  • German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ) – Potential analyses, feasibility studies and practical experiments (for example) are carried out inthis research centre. It is aimed at advancing the use of bioenergy technically simpler, more securely, ecologically and economically. (more..)
  • Helmholtz Centre Berlin - The focus of the targeted basic research is on the development of efficient and cost-effective thin-film solar cells. These solar cells are made of new materials, e.g. copper indium sulphide (CIS) or organic absorber, but silicon is also highly interesting for the use in thin-film solar cells. (more..)
  • Dresden University of Technology(TechnischeUniversität Dresden) – Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering – e. g. Diploma programme Renewable Energy Systems. (more..)
  • University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics Berlin (HochschulefürTechnik und Wirtschaft Berlin) – e. g. Renewable Energies (more..)