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The automotive industry, which was - a little more than 20 years ago - in a deep crisis in the former East German states, is economically strong today and a flagship of the region. 180,000 people work here, generate sales of 35 billion euros and produce more than 650,000 cars a year. 

BMW manufactures its electric models i3 and i8 in Leipzig. Here, approx. 100 BMW i3 and approx. 20 BMW i8 roll off the assembly line every day. Nearly 95 % including the 250 kilogramme battery of the BMW i3, which weighs only 1,200 kilogrammes, can be recycled again after use.


Regarding the sustainable mobility, the new federal states of Germany can play an important role not only as a production location, but also in the product development and the test of the technology in the so-called "Electromobility showcase". There is a great opportunity to consolidate and expand their market positon in the sector by innovative processes, which are developed in a dialogue between companies and research institutions.  

Excellent examples are the projects between Vattenfall/BMW in Berlin-Brandenburg. In these projects, electric vehicles are to be tested for their suitability for daily use. The lead project e-Solcar4 is to be closely linked to the previous project.


In the field of electromobility, significant efforts were made in recent years in Saxony-Anhalt. This includes, among other things, the establishment of the IKAM Institute for Competence in Automobility in Magdeburg and Barleben, the model project "Harz.EE-mobility" as well as the Galileo Test Bed5  established at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburgfor the electromobile transportation and logistics research under the state initiative Applied Transportation Research / Galileo Transport.

Within the "Showcase Bavaria - Saxony ELECTROMOBILITYUNITES", roughly 40 projects with more than 100 participants were realised.

Against this background, another strategic combination of competencies and the development of cross-federal-state synergies in the intertwined areas of activity Road traffic/Automotive, Rail technology, smart transportation system, Aerospace as well as Logistics takes place in the course of the cluster development6.


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