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Internationalisation includes both the utilisation of international supplier relationships and serving foreign markets. Both contributes to the improvement of the competitiveness and to growth. Thus, it is also an important requirement for ensuring the business success in the long term. The German Cleantech companies are known for innovative products, flexibility and specialisation.

There is a great global interest in consulting activities, new products and knowledge transfer in the field of Cleantech. Opening up new markets offers new opportunities to generate new projects, increase one’s own sales and remain competitive at an international level. Especially in dynamically growing markets, there are great opportunities to expand and grow yourself. In this process, however, the companies are also confronted with greater challenges and risks.

CIO promotes a stronger internationalisation of the East German Cleantech companies and thus supports small and medium-sized enterprises on their way to a successful international positioning:

  • Within the co-operative projects, we inform our members about current international tenders and support them in finding suitable co-operation partners, forming a consortium and participating in these tenders.
  • We inform our members about suitable funding programmes in the field of internationalisation and specific projects.
  • In the course of various information events, we provide useful information for the preparation of the internationalisation process as well as for the successful participation at trade fairs.
  • We are working together with various organisations, which support opening up new markets, and inform the companies about events, business and delegation trips, joint stands and projects of these organisations in the field of Cleantech.

In addition to their own strength, the companies must be well informed and have sufficient knowledge of the internationalisation process (knowledge of the target market, knowledge of the legal and fiscal framework conditions etc.). A market entry must be thoroughly prepared with expertise and considering the funding opportunities in order to minimise the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.

We support our members in taking the step into foreign markets. This is done by providing information about the foreign markets and the funding programmes of the Federal Government and the Federal States: