The CLEANTECH Initiative Ostdeutschland (CIO) connects business, science and research as well as professional associations and institutions in the Cleantechfield across sectors and frontiers. It is aimed at allowing the stakeholders in the new eastern federal states of Germany to further grow economically and increasing their export strength. 

The CIO is an initiative of the commissioners of the Federal Government for the new eastern federal states of Germany.

Achieve both a competitive advantage with our performances such as co-operative projects, supplier workshops, CIO Campus, working groups, service and information provision and business successes in our areas of activity: Innovation, internationalisation and investment through active participation in a sustainably operating network!

Our platform allows you to access databases, such as: database for companies and scientific institutions
Co-operation exchange, exchange for Bachelor’s/Master’s theses and traineeship exchange

CIO lead markets

Cleantech comprises different lead markets which contribute to conserving resources and improving both climate and environment.

These lead markets are counted among the growth markets of the future and are subject to a continuous development process: