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The "CIO Campus" is a topic-oriented series of events. In this series of events, efficient research institutions present themselves to East German Cleantech companies. The objective is that the small and medium-sized enterprises gain insights into new research and development trends and that the science gives feedback about problems and needs from practice.

In addition, the active contact initiation is promoted by this exchange of knowledge and experience between science and practice. It is aimed at coming up with ideas for possible co-operations and discussing them. From these ideas, again, co-operative projects are generated and final products are created. This aims at improving the competitiveness and the innovation culture of the East German Cleantech companies.


The CIO Campus events offer you:

  • Overview of current and industry-oriented research topics
  • Political framework and trends on the topic Innovation and Research
  • Information on funding opportunities and funding programmes, product launch, patent application and patent rights 
  • Practical examples and examples of success of companies, which have developed innovative products 
  • Detailed presentation of the inviting research institution and current projects as well as research areas together with laboratory visit and presentation of the equipment

The East German research landscape is very well developed and has excellent specialist knowledge. Furthermore, it has modern laboratory equipment and machinery. Through co-operations, the small and medium-sized enterprises should benefit from it and be able to develop advanced products. 

The innovation process is supported by:

  • Information exchange between companies and research institutions
  • Development of ideas for joint projects
  • Joint development of innovative products
  • Know-how transfer and exchange of experience with other companies and science
  • Complete overview of the priorities, but also of the obstacles of the innovation process

Get to know to current scientific topics and opportunities for cooperation. All presentation sheets have been made available:


Please contact us if you are interested in holding a CIO Campus event with us - at your university, your institute or your research institution!