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As a result of the co-operative projects, more sales are generated both nationally and internationally, the innovative capacity is improved and the competitiveness of the companies is enhanced. 

With the support from the CLEANTECH Initiative Ostdeutschland, East German CLEANTECH companies can bundle their product and service ranges and jointly bid for major contracts or apply for research projects. 

The overall objective of the "co-operative projects" is opening up international markets by bundling services and the acquisition of complex and extensive international project orders. In this process, small and medium-sized enterprises are brought together in consortia along the value chain. Then, they jointly submit their application for specific international tenders of major contracts, for which they - as single provider - do not have the necessary resources and competence.

Using our network, we can find the suitable co-operation partner for your project and provide support regarding the formation of the consortium.

Our services for your success are:

  • Monitoring of tenders at home and abroad in the Cleantech field
  • Screening of the tenders for performance modules and technologies
  • Contact with suitable companies, acquisition of co-operation partners
  • Conceptual planning and formation of tender-related bidder consortia as co-operative projects
  • Support regarding tendering
  • Feedback from the bidder consortium and improvement suggestionsto bidder consortium


The CLEANTECH companies are provided with support regarding tendering, the subsidy consultancy (if applicable), legal advice and drawing up the consortium agreement.


The guide "Co-operation formation, participation in international public tenders" provides you with assistance in the formation of co-operations and the participation in international public tenders.