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Within the scope of business and delegation trips, the participating companies can obtain specific information on the target markets, present their specialist know-how and even hold individual B2B talks with potential business partners and discuss specific co-operation and business opportunities. 

They can be considered to be the ideal preparation of foreign business and provide the opportunity to meet more business partners in person or, where appropriate, gain an on-site impression of the potential partner company. Thus, the international competences are significantly increased. 

Co-operation events and business trips are organised by the CIO and various organisers such as the German Trade and Invest, the Energy Efficiency Export Initiative, the Clean Energies Export Initiative, Chamber of Industry and Commerce Potsdam and other partners and organisations during initial business contact projects.

The East German Cleantech companies should benefit from this opportunity to intensify opening up new markets as well.

We provide information on current business trips, delegations abroad and co-operation exchanges of the CIO and our network partners, where usually not only members can participate, but also all interested companies and research institutions, and thereby support our partners in acquiring participants from the new federal states of Germany.